FTSF Final Gala: meet the prototypes

FTSF Final Gala: meet the prototypes

FTSF Final Gala: meet the prototypes 970 545 ATTRACT Project phase 2

Students from the Future Technologies for Sustainable Fashion (FTSF) program had their Final Gala on June 28th at IED Barcelona, where they had the chance to present the projects they have worked on to explore how the use of emerging and disruptive technologies could reverse the environmental impact that the fashion system has on the planet.

This 12-week program, which brings together fashion design and the ATTRACT technologies in detection and imaging, is addressed to students from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED Barcelona), Fab Lab Barcelona and the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), and during this current edition, the multidisciplinary students have worked with 3D knitting and embedded electronics and also collaborated with researchers from the MEGAMORPH project.

These are the four teams that participated during the second round of this program:

  • AIROSHELL project: the students focused on air pollution, an actual problem that affects almost the entire world. So, they thought that by transforming everyday clothes into air purifiers the problem could be addressed. They developed a garment that combines the air-purifying properties of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) with at-home industrial knitting. Furthermore, they used a velcro-edged that allows users to connect capes to create shelters for extreme air conditions.
  • ATARAXIS project: the inspiration for this project came from misophonia, a disorder where people have a lowered tolerance to specific sounds. So, they created a sound-absorbing garment made of sustainable materials that provide emotional communication and anxiety relief as it cancels out noise and also projects emotion-indicating colours. In the future, they envision adding the MEGAMORPH technology to the garment as it could project customized videos that would represent what people feel.
  • CLIMATIQUE project: the students thought about the consequences human lifestyle has on the climate. Therefore, they decided to develop a genderless and inclusive garment that aims to blend material science with design to create an outfit that can accompany throughout the whole day. The idea is that this garment can be worn at any temperature as it would have four layers made of different materials, one of them would use the MEGAMORPH technology that would utilise the outside temperature to change its colour.
  • Puff AIR jacket project: the students focused on drought, a phenomenon that impacts many cities around the world. They got inspired by organisms that recollect water in dry environments and fog collection structures. So, they explored functional fashion to ensure survival in the climate crisis era and developed a jacket that allows one to harvest, purity, test and drink water directly from the air.

Get to know more about this program here.

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