Data privacy statement

ATTRACT cares about your data privacy

In carrying out their mission, the different ATTRACT partners, such as consortium’s partners and committees members collect and/or use personal data related to people interacting with them (either directly or through an organisation), including their members of the personnel, consultants, contractors and suppliers, participants in conferences, workshops and training, grantees of the ATTRACT funding and members of the public.

In order to ensure appropriate treatment of personal data, the ATTRACT partners commit to managing it in accordance with their applicable statutory data protection frameworks:

These are the GDPR for partners from countries belonging to the European Union, the Federal Act on Data Protection for those in Switzerland, and the internal data protection regulations of the international organisations EMBL, ESO and CERN.

All these data protection frameworks ensure a high level of data protection and grant data subjects full control over their data.

The ATTRACT partners commit:

  • To collect and process personal data only when necessary, for the purposes pursued in the execution of their activities.
  • To use personal data in a lawful, transparent and fair way and only for the purpose(s) described at the point of collection or as otherwise permitted by the applicable rules. Your data will not be used for commercial purposes.
  • To make best efforts to ensure that personal data held is accurate and up to date.
  • To not transfer your data to countries with low data protection standards; and when transfers to countries with an adequate level of data protection will take place, suitable safeguards will be put in place. Your data will not be spread or disseminated nor they will be sold.
  • To take the necessary security measures to safeguard personal data. We will handle your data with outmost care.
  • To keep your data only as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes. We will destroy or anonymize data which is no longer needed.

The ATTRACT partners will provide individuals with comprehensive privacy notices to inform them on the way their personal data is processed, and on their rights with regard to their personal data and about how to exercise them.

You can find the privacy notices of each partner here: