ATTRACT phase 2

Developing breakthrough technologies for science and society

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Open calls

ATTRACT phase 2 just launched the three open calls to boost innovation in Europe.

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Detailed information about ATTRACT phase 2

Understand more about ATTRACT and discover how the project will benefit research, industry, investors, innovators, agencies, and society.

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The first two years

Learn about ATTRACT phase 1

ATTRACT phase 1 funded 170 breakthrough technologies to develop new scientific applications and ignite deep tech innovation in Europe and beyond.

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Infoday for ATTRACT phase 2 [videos] 970 545 ATTRACT Project phase 2

Infoday for ATTRACT phase 2 [videos]

In the media

Phase 1 of ATTRACT has proven to be a powerful framework to build bridges and accelerate innovation in detection and imaging technologies and will continue to do so during phase 2.

8 July 2021 | Open Access Government

Professor Sergio Bertolucci, Chair of the ATTRACT R&D&I Committee, explores how the ATTRACT Project is bridging the gap between research and industry to go from Open Science to Open Innovation.

6 July 2021 | Noticias de la Ciencia

El proyecto SNIFFDRONE, una iniciativa de ATTRACT en colaboración entre el Instituto de Bioingeniería de Cataluña y la empresa Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo en Valencia, abren una nueva vía para detectar y tratar los malos olores producidos por las estaciones depuradoras de aguas residuales.

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