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Lauri Repokari

Lauri Repokari

Entrepreneur, Professor of User-Centred Product Development


Member, Independent Committee for the ATTRACT Academy call

Lauri Repokari has worked as a professor of Product Development/Engineering Design in different universities for over 15 years. His academic collaboration network is wide, consisting of several Universities in the US (NYC, Stanford), Italy, Germany, China, Portugal, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Netherlands, Mexico, and Colombia. In this context, “collaboration” is used as a description of the activity of shared research or teaching.

He has always been an active entrepreneur in the Start-Up and SME sector and, after several exits, still, coaches or is an owner in different companies in the US (West Coast and East Coast) and in Europe. One remarkable phenomenon is that about 60% of his students over the years have started their venture or accommodated themselves into a Start-Up. Outside of the academic field, companies owned by Lauri have conducted tens of commercial R&D projects globally. As an example, innovation projects with UBS, Siemens, etc.