Virtual tour of European XFEL online

Virtual tour of European XFEL online

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Although the European XFEL campus in Schenefeld is currently closed to visitors, it is still possible to take a look behind the scenes of parts of the facility, and all from the comfort and safety of your home. With our updated virtual tour, science and technology fans can take a walk along parts of the European XFEL tunnel system, starting from the accelerator control room on the DESY campus, to the experiment stations in the underground experiment hall in Schenefeld. Guests may even explore parts of the facility no longer accessible such as the electron dump in Osdorfer Born.

The tour consists of high resolution 360 degree photography of a total of 51 different locations within the facility combined with short and concise explanations of the components and instruments. In the latest version of the tour, two locations in the accelerator control room as the starting point of the tour have been added as well as 21 additional locations in the photon tunnels and of the experiment stations. The tour is available in German and English and can be viewed with all standard browsers.


About European XFEL

The European XFEL is a 3.4 km long research facility extending from Hamburg to the neighbouring town of Schenefeld in the German Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein. With its repetition rate of 27,000 pulses per second and a peak brilliance a billion times higher than that of the best synchrotron X-ray radiation sources, the European XFEL enables the investigation of scientific problems in a variety of disciplines, including among many others: Structural Biology, Chemistry, Planetary Science, the study of matter under extreme conditions.


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