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30 July 2021 | Science Business

Nascent technologies need nurturing and time. ATTRACT project is creating a decentralized structure for big science organizations to support researchers who are trying to commercialize deep tech innovations.

21 July 2021 | Mirage News

Phase 1 of ATTRACT has proven to be a powerful framework to build bridges and accelerate innovation in detection and imaging technologies and will continue to do so during phase 2.

8 July 2021 | Open Access Government

Professor Sergio Bertolucci, Chair of the ATTRACT R&D&I Committee, explores how the ATTRACT Project is bridging the gap between research and industry to go from Open Science to Open Innovation.

6 July 2021 | Noticias de la Ciencia

El proyecto SNIFFDRONE, una iniciativa de ATTRACT en colaboración entre el Instituto de Bioingeniería de Cataluña y la empresa Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo en Valencia, abren una nueva vía para detectar y tratar los malos olores producidos por las estaciones depuradoras de aguas residuales.

1 December 2020 | Expansión

Algunas iniciativas con potencial de negocio nacen en el ámbito universitario. Convertir ese proyecto en una empresa requiere superar barreras, y eso sólo lo logran los investigadores que dan el salto y se convierten en emprendedores.

10 November 2020 | Forbes

As we turn to science and deep tech to solve our most formidable societal challenges, the question looms: why is it so hard to turn scientists into entrepreneurs? The obvious response to this old question is that if scientists really wanted to do startups, they would never have undertaken the long, arduous training required to become…

5 October 2020 | Investment Monitor

Many countries, companies and individuals have used innovative thinking to get through the Covid-19 pandemic, but those that embrace long-term, wide-reaching innovation will emerge from the crisis the quickest.

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