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Shreyasi Kar

Shreyasi Kar

Head of Operations at Aalto University Design Factory and Deputy PCB Member


Deputy Member, Project Consortium Board

Shreyasi is the Head of Operations of Aalto University Design Factory. She takes care of both short- and long-term development of ADF’s operations and activities taking place there. She is responsible for the development and management of the prototyping facilities, planning their integration with different teaching activities, providing learning support and, designing and teaching different courses and workshops. Shreyasi has in-depth knowledge about the Aalto Design Factory operations and equipment, as well as the network of prototyping spaces and facilities available within Aalto, the Helsinki region, and the Design Factory Global Network and arranges collaborations with them when needed. She is also responsible for managing budgets and personnel planning. She coordinates Aalto-run work packages of the ATTRACT initiative.