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Cinzia Da Vià

Cinzia Da Vià

Professor of Physics at the University of Manchester UK


Member, Independent R&D&I Committee (IC)

Cinzia Da Via is a Professor of Physics at the University of Manchester UK, and currently a visiting Professor at Stony Brook University USA. She is an expert in innovative radiation detectors for High-Energy Physics and Medical applications, the founder and leader of the 3D ATLAS pixel R&D Collaboration (2007-2014), which successfully designed and industrialised the first 3D sensors using micro-fabrication to be installed in an experiment. 3D sensors are operating in the ATLAS experiment since 2014 and are the radiation hardest silicon sensors ever fabricated.

She is currently involved in 3D printed dosimetry and vertical integration of smart-systems. She is in the scientific committee of several international conferences on Radiation Detectors and Instrumentation and is one of the founders of the ERDIT (European Radiation Detector and Imaging Technology) Network to promote Radiation Imaging Technology research across different fields of application in Europe.

She is a member of IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Society (NPSS) Trans National Committee (TNC) representing the United Kingdom, Nuclear Science Symposium (NSS) Chair 2019. A former elected member of the IEEE Nuclear Plasma Science Society (NPSS) Radiation Instrumentation Technical Committee (RISC) she is currently part of the Women in Engineering Committee as NPSS Liaison at the IEEE NPSS Administrative Committee.