ATTRACT was chosen as one of the most relevant projects supporting NEIA

ATTRACT was chosen as one of the most relevant projects supporting NEIA

ATTRACT was chosen as one of the most relevant projects supporting NEIA 970 545 ATTRACT Project phase 2

The ATTRACT project was selected among the Top 5 initiatives that are significantly relevant to the New European Innovation Agenda (NEIA) during the last workshop on Innovations Ecosystems which took place in Brussels and was chaired by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

The NEIA was launched in 2022 and aims to position Europe at the forefront of the new wave of deep tech innovation and start-ups and help to develop new technologies to address societal challenges and bring them to the market. Furthermore, it focuses on five flagships, and ATTRACT was presented under the first flagship: “scaling up of deep tech innovations”, whose objective is to improve access to finance for European start-ups and scale-ups.

ATTRACT is an initiative run by big research infrastructures jointly with industry, innovation and business specialists. “It started with Phase 1, where 170 breakthrough projects were awarded seed funding to develop a proof-of-concept. Now we are on Phase 2 accelerating the pathway of deep tech from the lab to the market and involving young entrepreneurs within this ecosystem”, stated Pablo García Tello, Section Head of the Development of EU Projects & Initiatives at CERN.

Aligned with the main NEIA pillars, ATTRACT accelerates and strengthens innovation ecosystems across the European Union while creating opportunities for retaining young talent.

The impact of ATTRACT

Phase 1:

  • + 1200 promising projects applied for funding and 170 were chosen.
  • 23% of the projects gathered venture capital funding due to their participation within ATTRACT.
  • ‘Young innovators and entrepreneurs’ pilot: more than 50% of the projects developed through interdisciplinary teams proposed ideas that researchers didn’t think about before and now are addressing new markets.

Phase 2:

  • Almost 70 proposals applied for the Thematic call and 18 were chosen to achieve a pre-industrial level.
  • More than 500 young innovators will participate in ATTRACT Academy.
  • Through the Socioeconomic Studies, it will be possible to measure what is being done in ATTRACT.

Here you can watch the video of the presentations during the “Projects under the European Innovation Ecosystems Work Programme in support of the New European Innovation Agenda” workshop.

Download the EU document: Leading the new wave of deep tech innovation.

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Project partners

European flag This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101004462