ATTRACT phase II kick-off meeting [videos]

ATTRACT phase II kick-off meeting [videos]

ATTRACT phase II kick-off meeting [videos] 970 545 ATTRACT Project phase 2

The ATTRACT project will continue to ignite innovation in Europe until 2025

The European Commission has given the green light to kick-start ATTRACT phase II, the next stage for deploying a co-innovation European ecosystem of breakthrough detection and imaging technologies for scientific and commercial uses.

The ATTRACT phase II kick-off meeting was held virtually on 1st February 2021. Researchers from around the world presented their novel ideas to ignite innovation in Europe.

Watch the kick-off meeting presentations to learn more about deep tech innovation, and stay tuned for ATTRACT phase II updates. A new thematic open call will be announced in the near future to boost innovation in Europe and scale up the most promising technology outcomes from funded ATTRACT phase-1 projects.

ATTRACT phase II kick-off meeting: Welcoming words by Michael Krisch

Michael Krisch, ATTRACT Project Consortium Board chair and scientist in charge of the biomedical beamline at ESRF, talks about the future of ATTRACT and how to overcome the valley of death.

ATTRACT phase II kick-off meeting: Welcoming words by Sergio Bertolucci

Sergio Bertolucci, ATTRACT R&D&I Committee (IC) chair, professor at University of Bologna & former scientific director at CERN, reflects on the benefits of open innovation and how ATTRACT phase II will contribute to the future of innovation in Europe.

ATTRACT phase II overview by Pablo García Tello

Pablo García Tello, ATTRACT Project Administrative Office & section head of the Development of EU Projects & Initiatives at CERN, provides a global overview of ATTRACT phase II.

Download presentation by Pablo García Tello (pdf)

ATTRACT phase II: Project presentations

3D-MIPS By Hamdi Torun
SWaP By Sebastien Lani
VLADIMIR By Alexis Dowhuszko
HyPer By Els Knaeps
ULTRARAM By Manus Hayne
detectION By David Sarphie

ATTRACT phase II: Project presentations

SUGER By Toni Pasanen
SPT – Cam By Hisham Abdulhalim
NanoRadMet By Ourania Sidiropoulou
GasRaman By Luca Poletto
ALL By Morten Andreas Geday
HYSPLANT By Samuel Ojosnegros

ATTRACT phase II: Project presentations

SCINTIGLASS By Valerii Dormenev
SpheroidPicker By Istvan Grexa
MIIFI By Mario Ceresa
Random Power By Massimo Caccia
PRIMELOC By Davide Dardari
LaGEMPix and GEMTEQ By Johannes Leidner

ATTRACT phase II: Project presentations

IMAGO By Silvia Capuani
SMILE By Maria Serena Chiriaco
MAGRes By Ana Paula Candiota
REVEAL By Maurizio Casalino
SALT By Eugenio del Re
FUSCLEAN By Emilio Gomez-Gonzalez

ATTRACT phase II: Project presentations

PEBI By Rimpilainen Ville
SPHINX By Mihai Iliescu
FASTPIX By Walter Snoeys
SCORED By Mario Montes Usategui
Nano-MEG By Justin F. Schneiderman
EU-RainS By Yann Dufournet

ATTRACT phase II: Project presentations

OptoCS By Kathrin Brenker
3D-Meta By Christopher Dirdal
3D-CANCER-SPEC By Martin Roth
UTXμCT By Marco Endrizzi
RfLAS By Rok Dolenec
GRANT By Marco Larrarino

ATTRACT phase II: Project presentations

SMART By Vladimir Peskov
MULTIMAL By Jérôme Borme
CORaHE By Juan Manuel Madariaga
SiPhoSpace By Sergio Saponara
SRHisto By Ingo Rimke
MonPicoAD By Pierpaolo Valerio
INSTANT By Adriano Lai

ATTRACT phase II: Project presentations

H212 By Piergiorgio Cerello
EXPITIS By Graham Davis
3DSCINT By Davide Deganello
WPET By Stephen Watts
PRINTBIO By Abraham Esteve-Nuñez
InGaN-FULL-SPECTRUM By Tobias Schulli
BioPIC By Patrick Steglich

ATTRACT phase II kick-off meeting: Closing remarks by Jonathan Wareham

Jonathan Wareham, ATTRACT Project Consortium Board member and professor of Information Systems at Esade Business School, reflects on ATTRACT’s potential applications for society and businesses.

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