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Developing breakthrough technologies for science and society

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ATTRACT phase 2 launched three open calls to boost innovation in Europe.

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Understand more about ATTRACT and discover how the project will benefit research, industry, investors, innovators, agencies, and society.

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The first two years

Learn about ATTRACT phase 1

ATTRACT phase 1 funded 170 breakthrough technologies to develop new scientific applications and ignite deep tech innovation in Europe and beyond.

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ATTRACT phase 2 statistics: 87 projects apply for funding in the €28 million calls 970 456 ATTRACT Project phase 2

ATTRACT phase 2 statistics: 87 projects apply for funding in the €28 million calls

In the media

17 December 2021 | Open Access Government

It is clear that governance (and governance adaptation) plays a key role in any possible extension of the ATTRACT scheme to different environments. The current governance of ATTRACT is designed for a minimum level of complexity and to be able to take and implement decisions rapidly and efficiently.

Gracias a su uso será posible facilitar el tratamiento intervencionista de las taquicardias ventriculares mediante procedimientos más eficientes y seguros. Esta innovadora herramienta ha sido desarrollada gracias a las aportaciones del proyecto ATTRACT de la Comisión Europea.

22 November 2021 | Eurasia Reviews

To better understand how purely scientific inventions can get to the market, IESE’s Laia Pujol and co-authors analyze the operations of ATTRACT, an EU-funded initiative that aims to “systematize the discovery of breakthrough applications” for new technologies from six leading European science research institutions.

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