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Based on ATTRACT project: HYSPLANT

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Modality A

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How would you feel if you had a heart attack every month? And how would you feel if you had to go to work while suffering from it? 10% of women are diagnosed with endometriosis, a disease that causes symptoms such as fatigue, cramps, and digestive issues. Hysplant leverages hyperspectral imaging technology together with artificial intelligence to understand cell behaviour inside the uterus. This technology could represent a faster and less invasive way to diagnose endometriosis. But what if we could also directly match the diagnosis to the right treatment?

The purpose of this project was to identify effective strategies for applying hyperspectral imaging to the social problem that endometriosis represents. It can be concluded that there is a social need for early diagnosis and furthermore for choosing the right treatment for each patient as early as possible in their journey. Future exploration into fine-tuning the Hysplant model could be useful in finding further therapy techniques. The amount this could improve the lives of women with endometriosis is worth exploring.