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Modality A

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The possibility of exploring future scenarios with the concepts of speculative design where fashion, through potential wearables, can help to solve situations worldwide is quite intriguing. In the context scenario, the year 2150 is marked by significant facts, such as the increase in world temperature, with heat waves affecting the environment, salinization of rivers and soils, consequently bringing the extinction of certain species, an eczema pandemic, in which the human struggling to seek relief from this excruciating disease and also, the fashion united with other areas of human care, such as healthcare, to bring solutions to current issues.

Crystal Genesis is a brand that through the conceptualization and process of crystallization, brings the sensitives to beautiful, yet functional fashion design, in which Salt is the powerful main element, capable of bringing relief to the Eczema. In order to make the garment possible, we had to balance many elements, as well the controlling the amount of salt that would provide anti-bacterial protection to the skin, while also not becoming too heavy for the wearer, who could be quite fragile from their illness. In the end, we feel we arrived at something both beautiful and functional.

The slogan of the brand “healing can be beautiful” explains that aesthetic becomes more important, with an unquestionable beauty, when it is combined with useful and helpful functions for society, fulfilling the objective of making fashion a prestigious field in the fight against future matters.