Based on ATTRACT project: MEGAMORPH

Modality A






Modality A

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Air pollution could kill up to 40 people a day by 2030. Without intervention, the annual death toll from outdoor air pollution could double to 6.6 million globally by 2050. Creating a tangible solution means working towards the future by starting from the present. AIROSHELL is an open-source concept that transforms our everyday clothing into walking air purifiers with the application of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) to industrial or at-home knitting. The modular design can be attached to other capes in a seamless pattern through velcro ends to create shelter in extreme air conditions, thus facilitating community and increasing the efficacy of the Titanium Dioxide.

Furthermore, AIROSHELL integrates Megamorph to communicate measured levels of CO2 and VOCs in the surrounding area through light patterns and colour gradients. As an open-source file, the applications and production of AIROSHELL are entirely at the discretion of the user, thus rendering them boundless. With this innovative technology at our fingertips, we hold the power to shape a future where our clothing not only adorns us but exponentially multiplies its impact with each user and usage.