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Modality B

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Many pet owners need to frequently take their animals to the vet, either for regular check-ups or due to illness. This happens usually one time per year, but can vary depending on the pet and whether it is a farm or pet owner. Invasive blood samples required for most tests are a big issue; especially for small animals, such as guinea pigs and birds, this can cause significant stress for both the animal and its owner.

The proposed alternative to the problem is the following:

  1. The veterinarian purchases the device which analyses the samples. They also purchase a batch of sampling chips, made for a certain type of pet. Each chip contains a contrast substance for a number of the most prominent diseases for that specific pet (e.g. parrots).
  2. When pet owner wishes to test their pet for possible disease, they go to the veterinary and purchase a sampling chip made specifically for their animal.
  3. Returned home, the owner samples faeces/urine/etc from the pet and mixes it with a conducting fluid, for instance, water. Then, they place the liquid sample on the chip.
  4. The owner takes the chip to the veterinarian and can leave.
  5. The veterinarian introduces the chip in the machine for analysing the sample. The machine produces a result and uploads it on the online platform. The veterinarian can see the result and add feedback or steps to follow on the online platform.
  6. The result is sent online to the pet owner, who can visualise it (alongside the feedback) without needing to come back to the veterinarian. This step should occur within 24 hours of delivering the sample to the veterinarian.