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Based on ATTRACT project: Glass2Mass

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Modality B

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Making curved windows is a very time and money-consuming process. This leads to only very expensive buildings and exclusive buildings having the possibility to have them. With the approaching popularity of organic architecture, straight windows are interrupting the fluidity and continuity of more freely shaped and curved buildings. A lot of time architects resort to putting flat windows into curved walls, which is less appealing than the windows curving along with the outline of the building. Flat windows are also restricting the design and creative freedom of the architects themselves. With current techniques, windows can only be made in cylindrical shapes or curves, making any other shapes in almost impossibly expensive or not conceivable.

Glass2mass is a revolutionary technology making a range of processes and techniques traditionally reserved for polymers, available for high-quality fused silica glass. This glass will now be able to be freely, cheaply and efficiently shaped in the field of architecture. This will lead the way for many of the craziest ideas that were simply not possible beforehand with traditional shaping techniques.

Our technology allows for the efficient making of complex geometrical shapes out of glass. Ways of bringing innovation to otherwise austere environments.